Speedicath Coloplast Compact Female Catheter (BOX OF 30)

Speedicath Coloplast Compact Female Catheter (BOX OF 30)
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  • Do you use intermittent catheters?  
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  • Are you tired of suffering from Urinary Tract Infections and taking antibiotics?
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SpeediCath Coloplast Compact Female 14 fr Catheter (BOX OF 30)


SpeediCath Compact - Female Intermittent Catheter
  • Designed for females
  • Catheter package is no larger than a lipstick
  • Pre-hydrated in a ready to use package
  • Single-use intermittent catheter
  • Non-touch Grip Zone for hygenic insertion
  • Latex-free and Phthalate/DEHP-free
SpeediCath Compact Hydrophilic-Coated Catheter, 2.75" length

Many women who self-catheterize have long wished for a more practical, discreet catheter: a catheter that can be used outside the home environment without compromising safety. With SpeediCath Compact, Coloplast has developed an innovative solution. SpeediCath Compact is a single-use intermittent catheter, which is sterile, pre-lubricated and easy to use. And thanks to its ingenious packaging design, SpeediCath Compacts is incredibly discreet.

Safety First

SpeediCath Compact increases safety for catheter users. Hygienic insertion is achieved through a unique non touch grip and sterile saline solution inside the packaging. The combination enables the fingers to stay well away from the catheter and eliminates the need to soak the catheter prior to insertions, reducing contact points with the septic environment. The narrow width of the catheter and coated eyelets minimize both contact with the urinary tract and pressure on the bladder wall.

Tailor-Made For Women

SpeediCath Compact is the perfect length for female urinary tracts. The female urethra on average is just 1.25" - 2" long - significantly shorter than the male urethra. With a catheter length of 2.75", SpeediCath Compact is tailor-made for the typical female anatomy. In a clinical study, SpeediCath Compact was documented to be at least as efficient at emptying the bladder as a conventional female catheter with a length of 6" - 8".

Ready To Use

SpeediCath Compact increases the convenience of catheterization. SpeediCath Compact eliminates concerns over catheter preparations and quality of the hydration source. The catheter comes pre-hydrated in a ready to use package. Simply break the seal and pull open the telescopic packaging - the catheter is ready to insert.


SpeediCath Compact increases discretion for catheter users. when un-opened, the catheter package is no larger than a lipstick. This ingenious packaging design makes the catheter extremely discreet - without compromising performance.

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